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We specialize in the manufacture of several types of marble, particularly Carrara marble and are one of the very few companies manufacturing the extremely prestigeous Palissandro marble. We can always garantee first-class quality – each step of the production is followed skillfully and with great care, last but not least the selection of colors. We put extra care into the choice of raw materials, which are extracted from the best Italian  and foreign quarries. Our production ranges from tiles to floors and free length floors, window sills, cut to size, slabs, skirting etc., with polished, brushed or honed surfaces. Our standard of quality and our reliability have been highly appreciated by our customers for many years. We export regularly all over the world, particularly in Germany, Austria and Northern Europe, where we are well known in the field.


Internazionalmarmi s.r.l.

 Via Domenico da Lugo, 58 - 37023 LUGO DI GREZZANA - VERONA - ITALY Tel. (+39) 045 8801156 - 045 8801457 - Fax (+39) 045 8801666
Reg.Imp./C.F./P.IVA IT 0190141 023 1 - Iscrizione R.E.A. n° 203521


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